Juliette Fairley

wtc3I am a successful book collaborator, ghostwriter, editor, and content marketing writer.

I have worked on the ghost writing team of Steve Forbes and have had four of my own books published by John Wiley & Sons. One of my books lead to the Discovery Channel hiring me to host a tv show called Cha Ching Money Makers.

I have also written book proposals for clients then pitched it to literary agents and publishers. And have assisted with publicizing the book

Located In: New York, NY
Specialties: Business, entrepreneurship, capitalism, globalism, investing, real estate, the legalization of marijuana, finance, personal finance
Years of Experience: 15
Memberships: Association of Journalists and Authors, Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism Alumni
Magazines Contributed to: The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, TheStreet and many others.
Books Contributed to: Steve Forbes’ Power Ambition Glory
Steve Forbes’ Why We Need Capitalism
Obie McKenzie’s God’s Economy (Mr. McKenzie is a managing director at BlackRock in New York)