Greg Perry

In 25+ years as a working writer, I’ve touched just about every kind of business and been in the room with a lot of smart people. My job has always been to honor their intelligence by turning it into something compelling to read. Every title I’ve ghosted has been acquired by a major publisher. You can view my website at

Located In: Indianapolis, IN
Specialties: Business Management and Strategy, Personal Finance, Economic and Cultural History
Years of Experience: 25+
Memberships: Association of Ghostwriters, Gotham Ghostwriters, Society of Creative Generalists
Honors: One title ghosted was named a “must read” by
Books Contributed to: “Wealth Shift” and “The Supernova Advisor” are in print, with the author/client’s approval to disclose our collaboration. The following are in progress now: “Tenacious: Why the tenacity of the American character will triumph in the global economy” and “The Four Corners: Where your estate plan becomes a living legacy”, as well as several other titles but my contributions can not be disclosed due to confidentiality agreements.
Magazines Contributed to: N/A