Bil Howard


Bil Howard fashions himself as a storyteller.

“There is a story behind every story and that’s what I want to get at.”

The difference between a writer and a storyteller is the connection that is made with the reader. A writer only reaches the brain, but a storyteller digs deeper into the emotions of the reader and draws a connection that never goes away.

Storytelling should not be limited to fiction, especially when crafting memoirs and biographies. There is no point in writing any book, regardless of subject matter or genre, without making use of all of the literary tools available to draw readers into the story that is being told.
Bil is a native of the small ranching community, Powderhorn, in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado where he was raised on a cattle ranch. In 2013 he exchanged the Rockies for the Andes and took up residence in Sabaneta, Antioquia, Colombia.

He has a BA from West Texas A&M University, where he studied Pre-law as an undergraduate, minored in History and English Literature and was a decathlete. Bil continued his love of History and English by pursuing an MA in English and Social Studies Education and also studied psychotherapy at the graduate level. His graduate and undergraduate work made him into a first class researcher.

Bil has more than a half-dozen published titles. He has ghostwritten more than 60 books and more than 100 short stories and articles, has been a talent scout and manager in the Latin music industry and has experience in vocal performance as well as theatre. Bil worked as a CAD draftsman and project captain for an architectural firm, was a counselor in a residential treatment center for at risk youth, has been in both retail and restaurant management and has also worked in the home medical equipment industry. And, of course, he learned the farming and ranching work ethic from a very early age.

If you want your story to be an unforgettable experience for those who read it, contact someone who not only has a broad range of experience and education, but also knows how to add that little bit of pizzazz that keeps a reader turning pages.

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Sabaneta, Colombia
Traveler’s Rest, South Carolina

Historical Romance
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Years of Experience:
Research and writing 30+, Ghostwriting 5

MacGregor’s Wolf: Lessons of Time
Whispers of Sage
The Birth of a Dream
The Desperation of Liberty
Chulos, Chuzos and Hot Dog Condoms
A Christian Response to Troubled Times

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